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GOT Earring Zipper Pulls Double Sided Convertible Mix Match Stark Dire Wolf Winter

$10.99 $12.99

Game Of Thrones GOT

House Stark

Dire Wolf, "Winter is Coming"

New handcrafted convertible and exchangeable mix & match double-sided earrings, zipper pulls.

This is not an official licenced set, I purchased the charms and created the jewelry myself.. this is an Audi original, I haven't seen anything like this online at this time. I imagine you will see many more now.

I wanted to find a way to create the earrings so that you could mix or match the double-sided medallions without having to purchase 2 pair. After some consideration, I came up with the idea of turning them into zipper pulls (with lobster clasps) which could come off of the earrings so you can wear them any way you like. You can also share the set with someone else by each having a zipper pull. With the conversions, this one pair of earrings becomes a set of 7. Wow! These are the ways that you can wear them as:

2 Dire Wolf zipper pulls OR

2 "Winter is Coming" zipper pulls (or mix and match them)

1 pair of Dire Wolf matched earrings OR

1 pair of "Winter is Coming" earrings OR

1 pair of mix and match earrings

The double-sided medallions are approximately 1". The overall length of the earrings is 2.25". The zipper pull is approximately 1.75".

I have a GOT set in another listing. This one includes a necklace and makes the set turn into 9.

I will include several additional earring hooks/wires and the set comes in a beautiful organza drawstring pouch/bag for gifting.

Shipping with tracking is included in the price.

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