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The Scroll PC-CD ROM Drive Millennium Interactive Limited Nova Spring RARE 1995

$224.99 $249.99

The Scroll A Supernatural Interactive Drama


Millennium Interactive Limited PC CD-Rom

Nova Spring, a trademark of Vic Tokai

In amazing brand new unopened sealed condition for a vintage game like this.

The sealed box is indenting a bit on the back and crushed in some areas. There are some creases on the front, back and center on the right side of the box. Additionally, the factory protective plastic is torn at the seam on the back but it fully overlaps so it is still protecting the box. The rest of the wrap is fully intact. (I have heard that these issues are not uncommon in old sealed pc games).

I have seen other listings, most are for the CD ONLY. A couple of the descriptions aka this as "Daughter of Serpents" but that is false.

I have found this information while doing an online search. c-games-813058


"The Scroll is a graphical adventure game that has a distinction of having value mostly based on how bad the game was. Originally released in 1992 as Daughter of Serpents it received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics and adventure game fans alike. It was subsequently updated and re-released in 1995 as The Scroll. It is this second release as The Scroll that has become somewhat valuable. The only recent listing of the game sold for $292.87 and the game is rare enough to fetch pretty good value for those that can find a copy. The earlier Daughter of Serpents is easier to find and sealed copies have gone for around $100. That being said, the game can be found on a number of abandonware websites if you want to put yourself through some painful graphical adventures from the mid-1990s."

My husband is the original owner of this game, he purchased it, along with several others and never got around to playing it.

As this is a higher price item in this incredible condition, I will not offer any refunds or returns. Please be sure that you have examined all of the photos, read the entire description, ask any questions and are aware of exactly what you are purchasing. 99% of my items are fully refundable, depending on the reason for it's return, this one is not.

I am only allowed 5 photos here. I have 15 at my Bonanza store if you would like to take a look..

Shipping is via USPS Priority mail and will be fully insured for the price you have paid for it. Shipping is included in this price.

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